9 weeks to go

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Ben Nevis

Well the blogging has slowed down (cap off to you dad!). And, unfortunately, so too has the training. A culmination of things have made it difficult to do more than the day-to-day walking to work; firstly too much work, robbing me of time – the day job has been keeping me very busy, and when it hasn’t, I’ve had private work to attend to including websites (check out HerculesMG’s new website, for example) and moving all the sites I host to a UK hosting company; secondly a niggling knee injury; and third fatigue (read hangover).

Don’t get me wrong, there was a token 10 mile bike ride on Sunday morning, with Gracie in her seat on the back. But I can’t help thinking at this stage I should be taking on much, much more. As proven by Saturday’s hill climb on Leigh Cliffs. The steps running up from Leigh-on-Sea station to Marine Parade were nearly the end of me, and I only did it once… Admittedly, that was on the hangover day (a result of ending my beer drought after a work 5-a-side tournament) but it has refreshed that fear that this undertaking will be all too much.

On the positive side, I’m aware of the problem. And the pitch that has taken over my life for the last week and a half, was this morning at 8am, so I’m hoping work will be a little more 9-5.30 for a while. I’ve also picked up an unwanted cross trainer from friends, and, as soon as I get it all tightened up and working properly, there’ll be no excuse to not be pushing myself towards a better level of fitness. Watch this space.

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