In honour of mums everywhere

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A mother holding a daughter's hand

Well, I never expected to keep up with dad’s every day posting, but felt I needed to get something in, despite there being little to report after my training plans fell foul to the man-flu over the weekend. I’m back on the up now, and the daily walking is continuing. I’m seeing some excellent results on the scales too, which is great news, and very motivating. But I’ve been here before, it’s very easy, when you’re a larger gent, to lose a lot of weight quite quickly. That said, I’ve not shifted this much in a week before, and am hoping the exercise/balanced diet regime is going to get me to my goal of losing three stone before the 3 Peaks Challenge.

Saw mum and dad on Mother’s Day. My brother, Matt and I organised that he would go round and cook lunch, and I would bring tea round later, all in an attempt to be there and give mum a break from caring for dad. Unfortunately, we were found wanting for the knowledge and expertise mum has. Getting dad upstairs may take a while, transferring from wheelchair to stairlift and back again, but it would take infinitely longer with our fumbling around, versus mum, who has it down to an art form. At least we were able to provide two meals for a truly inspirational woman. We even cleaned up after ourselves, which mum will tell you, has never been our strong point!

Mum’s are all too often taken for granted. Like Kate. My wife, the mother of my children, my best friend, my angel – I am in constant awe of her as she cares for our three little monsters, does school runs, keeps our home ship shape, and travels all over Southend for friends and family, or clubs and classes. Our kids don’t know how lucky they are to have a mum like her. Then there’s Kate’s mum, she has suffered at the hands of breast cancer, which has tragically found its way to her liver, leaving her incredibly unwell, and hardly able to leave the house. Despite all this, she still performs her duty as a mother, confidante, advisor, sounding board, bank. I think she has incredible courage, to offer such compassion to the problems of others in spite of everything she is experiencing.

Then there’s my mum. The strongest woman I’ve ever known. Before dad was ill, I could count on one hand the number of times mum had cried in front of me. Since then, it has happened on more frequent occasion, but they are always tears for the unknown. Of what lies in store, and whether or not she’ll be able to cope. Never tears of self pity. But I know my mum can cope with anything this life throws at her, and dad, for all the misfortune of his condition, is a lucky man to have her by his side caring for him. So here’s to all the mums. We’d be nothing without them.

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