Leigh-on-Sea take two

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Leigh-on-Sea Cliffs

If you read about last weekend’s exploits, you’ll know my endeavor to cycle to Leigh, and do some hill walking was cut short, thanks to a dose of the man-flu. Well today, I managed it as planned. The ride was fine, and the weather wasn’t ideal, but I find that all adds to the challenge, as who knows what conditions we’ll encounter in early June. My uncle, Dean, who has signed up for the challenge too, has been up the peaks on more than the odd occasion, and he has spoken of the ability to experience all four seasons when trekking across the tops of the mountains!

The ride was a good test for what lies in store. The bit of advice everyone who’s got a clue has offered, is don’t just concentrate on the climbing, the descents are just as hard. As part of today’s ride I chose to ride up into Leigh, and take on a downhill first. Well after the cycle, I was a little “wobbly” legged, and walking down a cobbled/staired hill was trickier than I thought. I must point out that I do know all of this training is nothing compared to the challenge, but when you live in the South East of England, and the nearest serious hills are at least 3 hours away in any given direction, you make do with what you have!

The biggest worry, is that was the first real workout for me, 11 weeks until the event. I’m realising I’ve got to up my game, and actually make time midweek for more than walking to/from work. I foresee a few evening bike rides, and maybe some walking up and down the cliffs in Westcliff this week. Watch this space. I’m off swimming in a little while too, half an hour ahead of the family, so I get to train and then have some fun with the kids too! Bye for now.

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