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With just over 8 weeks to go, I thought I’d visit the Three Peaks Challenge website again. I find it quite motivating to remind myself of the distances we’ll be covering in 24 hours. Forget the 5 or so hour climbs of each peak, there’s the 10 hours of driving between them. Everyone I’ve spoken to who’s done the challenge has said that each climb is perfectly achievable by the average person. The challenge however, is completing each one as quickly as possible then jumping into a people carrier, which is your only chance of rest, before going into the next climb. The 7 hours between Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike might seem like a chance to recuperate, but tired limbs will struggle to recover in the back seats of a Toyota Previa. It’s not even like I can call shotgun on the basis of height, as fellow climber Dan, towers over me!

I am looking forward to it though. I spoke to Dad at the weekend, and under the worry, I think he’s glad I’m doing it. If nothing else, it has motivated me to get healthy beyond everyone’s expectations. My overall weight-loss currently stands at 22lbs, so I’m well on track for my 3 stone target. But the unexpected benefit has to be that it’s no longer about the climb. I’ve changed my attitude to food completely. I’ve found will power I never knew I had. I can now sit around the table on a Sunday at mum and dad’s with the most delicious roast spread out in front of me, and know that it doesn’t all have to be eaten! Moderation has to be a revelation to anyone who’s ever embarked upon any kind of weightloss plan. And that’s because obesity goes hand in hand with food addiction. The notion that you can still have your favourite meals, only smaller portions of them, and less often contradicted everything that I used to consider being healthy. I was never going to be a salad eating, wheat-grass drinking health-freak. And, sure enough I’m not. Like with any addiction, I faced the fact that I had a problem, and decided to do something about it. And I have the Three Peaks Challenge to thank for that, regardless of whether or not I actually finish the thing. Bring it on!

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