Time to refocus – with a little help from the family

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Belfairs Woods

Had a great weekend this weekend. Spent a day with John and Dan in the pub on Saturday watching the Grand National, the Chelsea vs Villa FA Cup semi-final and ‘El Classico’ (Barcelona vs Real Madrid) – all the while putting the world to rights. Good times. Sunday was consequently a bit wooly, but managed to get some stuff done, culminating in a good dinner round mum and dad’s. The best thing? As Sunday evening drew to a close, there was no sinking feeling of work the next day, as I’m on leave this week!

As good a weekend as it was though, it took it’s toll on the training (read I didn’t do any) and the weight went the wrong way, up 2 lbs. Not so good. But a small price to pay for an indulgent week that also included drinks on Thursday night. It is my only vice these days, but the fact remains, if I want to hit my goal weight by June 6, I need to cap the alcohol intake. And I need to up the training efforts.

So today, I’m drafting the family in – we’re off to Belfairs woods for a trek. Family time, and training, bonus. I’m cycling there too, so should be a decent shift. In fact everyday this week, we’ve got something planned that involves some form of exercise, so I’m hoping I’ll rectify that weight gain. Anyway, that’s enough writing about it, better get on.

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