I’m seeing a pattern forming

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Paisley pattern

Well the blogging has gone on the back burner in recent weeks. I’ve been developing a website at work, and as always, obsession sets in as I opt for the path of most resistance in an effort to learn how to create functionality way beyond my capability. It’s an effective way of learning, as sheer determination means that I will figure it out in the end; but it does mean that I spend every waking hour working on it. And that’s the first part of the pattern, busy with work, means training suffers. Which is no good, as the 3 peaks date is only getting closer.

The second part of the pattern, is that a busy week often leads me to think “I’ve earnt a beer”, and in the case of this weekend, that beer was more like two nights out in a row. Friday saw my buddies Will and Mike’s band, Lost Twenty, play at Chinnery’s on Southend seafront. After a few drinks with work colleagues old and new, I met another mate, Chris straight off the train from London, and had a few more before we made our way to the gig. That’s a whole load of beer, and from then on there’s no telling how much more was sank, as the night gets more than a little hazy. And wobbly. On Saturday, I saw Will and Chris again at a card night round Will’s, and while Chris concurred that he had little memory of the night before, Will said I was wasted, with rapidly deteriorating balance! Nice. 33 years old, and still unable to figure out when enough is enough! Card night was good (although I don’t remember the last time I won any money at one of these things…) but what it has in common with the previous night, is the effect that amount of alcohol has on food decisions, both on the night and the morning after. The moral of the story? Alcohol might be my only vice, but just as with everything else I’ve learnt on the road to the three peaks, it’s all about moderation. The guilt I felt as I woke with a wooly head tells me that I can’t afford to do that again this side of the climb. So with a slapped wrist and a bit more weight to lose, I move to break this pattern. Onwards and upwards.

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