I’m seeing a pattern forming

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Well the blogging has gone on the back burner in recent weeks. I’ve been developing a website at work, and as always, obsession sets in as I opt for the path of most resistance in an effort to learn how to create functionality way beyond my capability. It’s an effective way of learning, as sheer […]

Time to refocus – with a little help from the family

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Had a great weekend this weekend. Spent a day with John and Dan in the pub on Saturday watching the Grand National, the Chelsea vs Villa FA Cup semi-final and ‘El Classico’ (Barcelona vs Real Madrid) – all the while putting the world to rights. Good times. Sunday was consequently a bit wooly, but managed […]

Researching the route

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Map With just over 8 weeks to go, I thought I’d visit the Three Peaks Challenge website again. I find it quite motivating to remind myself of the distances we’ll be covering in 24 hours. Forget the 5 or so hour climbs of each peak, there’s the 10 hours of driving between them. Everyone I’ve […]

9 weeks to go

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Well the blogging has slowed down (cap off to you dad!). And, unfortunately, so too has the training. A culmination of things have made it difficult to do more than the day-to-day walking to work; firstly too much work, robbing me of time – the day job has been keeping me very busy, and when […]

Leigh-on-Sea take two

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If you read about last weekend’s exploits, you’ll know my endeavor to cycle to Leigh, and do some hill walking was cut short, thanks to a dose of the man-flu. Well today, I managed it as planned. The ride was fine, and the weather wasn’t ideal, but I find that all adds to the challenge, […]

In honour of mums everywhere

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Well, I never expected to keep up with dad’s every day posting, but felt I needed to get something in, despite there being little to report after my training plans fell foul to the man-flu over the weekend. I’m back on the up now, and the daily walking is continuing. I’m seeing some excellent results […]