Man-flu takes its toll

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After a week of walking 6 miles a day, I’ve started to lose weight already. I often wonder why I haven’t done it before, when it only takes a week of thinking about what you’re eating and walking instead of getting the bus, to make an impact. I have been trying to take care better […]

How to keep an overweight nerd on a training plan

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So, I wanted to get some kind of food diary going. The theory is that if you write down everything you eat, you’re less likely to go for the really bad food. I wanted something simple, but came across a neat little web app that’s actually quite involved, but, after one week using it, I’m […]

3 Peaks Challenge – Training finally commences

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Up at 6 this morning. That was a trial in itself. But I need a new mindset if I’m going to achieve this challenge. I mean, walking up a hill would pose a challenge for a man of my stature, let alone the three highest peaks in the UK – within 24 hours! But what […]

1 good cause, 3 Peaks, 3 months and 3 stone

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If there’s one thing to make a terrible blogger start blogging again, it’s your Dad taking to it like a duck to water, and putting you to shame!! He said he wanted to start blogging, and I showed him how easy it was to set up on and he’s blogged pretty much every day […]